Saturday, November 2, 2013

Poland - It worked even better-The End

Approach to Krakow

Parked at Krakow airport which undergoes major building alterations

We did not have a more quick, correct and efficient turn-around anywhere and we were entertained by a our handling agent - a very young and funny lady called Ella, Elizabeth, until we left.

Clouds are low, it is misty and the weather forecast is not great for Germany. We half expect not to be able to land in Hildesheim, Germany as that airfield is not equipped for instrument approaches. In 2.5 hours we will know more. Our controllers are excellent, Dietmar is full of praises. In 20 minutes we manage to get to flight level 180, in warm regions we battled to get to FL 140 in 30 Minutes...

And now our very last leg. We are above clouds most of the way, a very uneventful flight until we get closer to Hildesheim. As we could not land in Hildesheim, the intention was to 'duck' under the very thick cloud cover using an instrument approach procedure in Braunschweig. The Braunschweig controller advised us not to fly below the clouds to Hildesheim. After discarding the Braunschweig idea and trying once more to find a hole in the clouds to descend into Hildesheim we gave up and diverted to Hannover. There we had the benefit of a proper instrument landing system, but even that approach was something else because of low clouds.

Landing in Hannover after diverting from Hildesheim

We arrived savely. A small group of family and friends welcomed us back. They had to drive from Hildesheim to Hannover when they realized we would not arrive at our home base.

We informed PuF that we had arrived safely and of course, we informed Herr Mueller we made it back without landing in jail!!! During the next few days we will be tying up different things and than we will make our way back home.

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