Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ukraine-It worked extremely well

Saturday, 02.11.2013, local time 07:59, Outside Temperature 10 Deg C.

The aircraft performs wonderful. We are airborne have gone through clouds and unfortunately no pictures of Odessa from above possible. We will come back. It is an interesting town with beautiful architecture and people are very nice and service orientated. The handling this morning was a perfect example. Okay, they forgot to fetch us, in time, from the Hotel but organised a taxi very quickly and handled this oversight in a professional manner.

The Redaktions Flugzeug is taking off behind us, they first fly to Luebeck to drop Ingrid, then they fly to Switzerland and then to Mainz. Long way for them.

We have to refuel and immigrate in Krakow/ Poland. This morning we saw a mail which we received at midnight informing us our flightplan was rejected because they could not give us permission to land and refuel in Krakow due to building and construction projects. We could only land with "Special Permission". We phoned them before 6:00 this morning, explained and asked what they need from us and how long it would take to grant or reject this permission. It would take about 30 Min or so. Very well, when we got to the airport and logged into our mail, the permission was received and we are now on our way.

We have clouds below us until 01h23 before our destination.

On our Moving Terrain we had a blank screen since Iceland until today, Poland comes in!!!

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