Monday, August 26, 2013

Aufwiedersehen and Good Bye,

My dear loved ones, my family, my friends, 
today I feel quite emotional about the departure of the long trip ahead of us. 
It's all triggered off by me thinking about where to place "the Family" onto the plane!
The trip ist kein "Zuckerschlecken", by all means. When will we see each other again? WILL we see each other again? All those silly questions just because of a few silly stickers;)
Anyhow I distracted myself by arranging my/our Family on the table and now I have taken a wonderful picture and have also included the Guardian Angel given to us by Karin.
And I have also looked for some more Emergency Landing Sites in the North Pacifik and I found one additional one. Not a nice one, unmanned, which I am not surprised about. They used to test nuclear there, anyhow as an emergency landing site good anytime. It is called AMCHITKA.
Enough of that: Here is our Family.

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