Thursday, August 15, 2013

Turtle Pac (additional Fuel Tank)

Today a big day for the temporary and trial installation of the Extra fuel tank in the cabin. Will it work? Will it leak?
Juhu!!! everything seems fine.
240l extra fuel for 2.5 to 3:00 h/ 400 nm, for over 500nm in still wind condition which we will HARDLY experience.
The filling with fuel works okay with minimal spillage. It took us about 30 minutes to fill the tank. But now another difficulty: there is no way to get into the back of the plane, once the tank is full. How will we reach our luggage which partly has to be in the back? How will we get the life raft out in case of an emergency? We need to figure this out once the tank is fully installed and strapped in. Next week.

The tank is temporarily installed for test filling

Now emptying the Turtle Pac into small containers

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