Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Briefing

We are on our way to Egelsbach for our last briefing. Before we left Hildesheim we took some pics of the plane, kind of before and after....?

We met the group. First impression is very pleasant and we are very comfortable amongst the people, all very nice and down to earth.
We listened to the briefing, and we listened to the people, and we were quite
surprised to learn that only two crews will create a fuel storage on ATTU as the others decided to fly either a long direct leg to Petropavlosk or to take an entirely different northerly route. We are one of those crews to land on the lonely island.
After an intense briefing we left the meeting with lots to think and talk about, our head is full of thoughts with a lot of decisions to be taken.

Apron in Egelsbach on Sunday afternoon

All we want to do now is fly to our final destination of today. 
And that is Straubing. Tomorrow morning the plane has do be at the Avionic Company to have a few installations of all kinds done.
Better late than never.
By the way: one of the participants of the world tour, a crew flying a Mooney, have a new motor/ engine fitted this week!!! We thought we were last minute!
Now its time to relax and have a glass of wine.

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