Friday, August 30, 2013

What a day...and so many Guardian Angels

The last day before departure, the trial packing was postboned from hour to hour, because there was always something more important to do.
Tension was rising, up till now we were totally relaxed. That changed today. Dietmar kept saying, he needed another week to get ready, me looking at the different bags and hold-alls asking myself: where must all the stuff go? It will never fit! Once more it was time to distract myself, Iam getting very good at that.
Therefore I took photos of the different guardian angels we received and Farewell cards and good wishes and blessings. Thank you very much, it means a lot to us.
Finally we got going with our trial packing, the first one with an empty turtle pac, reshuffled stuff, then took everything out again. 
Every piece of luggage was weighted and packed again.
Some was taken out once more, tie downs were installed, the extra fuel tank was filled, and bags were secured at their final storage space. Well, we are packed right up under the roof and it took us over 4 hours.

Baggage to be loaded

Dietmar attaching "the Family"

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