Saturday, August 31, 2013

Departure: JETZT GEHTS LOS!!!

We slept well and began our departure day rested and organised.
Arrival at Hildesheim Airport at just before 8h00. Gela & Lisa took over our car keys and we proceeded to fill up the plane and then to climb into our Immersion suit.

Our not too comfortable immersion suits

Then we got a phone call from Andrew, our handling agent in Schotland, asking us for a form which we did not think we need to send him. First delay, the form was send to him via a special data communication card from the plane parked next to the fuel pump and then we took off. 
Below us my sister and my niece and our friends Sigrid and Heinz were waving GOOD BYE enthusiastically.

Just now we flew thru Amsterdam Air Space and the Air traffic controller greeted us with "Goe Dag"  and "Tot Siens" , that made us feel at home.
The wind is against us. 40 knots/65 km. No surprise. Our first leg to Wick in Schotland will take one hour longer. 
Timewise do we gain one hour to Wick UTC +1. Hildesheim is UTC+2. Reykjavic will be UCT00.
The suits we are wearing take up a lot of space, we are not really comfortable. A good thing: we are not hot nor cold, Temperature wise we are comfortable.
The outside temperature is minus 18 degree celsius and we just noticed our heater is not functionally. We have to investigate, good thing we are wearing our suits.
Along the way the most wonderful weather, clear and blue skies, scattered clouds below us. That is for now.

Below us the North Sea

Good weather conditions stayed with us right thru refuelling. This time around we filled the turtle tank first time on the trip and all worked very well.

Coastline of Scotland
The plane performed excellent during take off and the pilot was very pleased.
What he was not pleased about was the fact that the tank in the back was forgotten and not filled. Thank goodness it was noted and rectified.
Now we are on our way to Reykjavic.
We are experiencing an 85 knots headwind component, we will arrive late and it will be after sunset at 20h45 UTC00.

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