Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dry, White and Hot and Air Conditioners everywhere

Tuesday, 29. October 2013

Before breakfast I dared to step out of the hotel. From each side I hear them say, 'Madam, Taxi?' 'No, thanks, I will take a walk.' 'Madam, it is too hot, let me call a air conditioned taxi.' I walk along the road, observe, walk along the beach, feel the water and there is nothing refreshing about the water, the sand reflects more heat and I walk up to the grass where the sprinklers work. I get soaking wet, and I sit  for a while in the shade to dry up until I walk back inside. After all it is too hot to walk outside, it is 09h00.

At 14h30 I take the airconditioned Red Bus for a city tour which is interesting and informative. 

At 17h00  Dietmar, another crew snd myself met in the Old City to walk through the SUQ, a market. This is special because it is situated between old walls and buildings and roof structures, it is genuine.

For supper we met with a TBM and the Mooney crew. In Oman one can only order liquor / alcohol at licensed restaurants or Hotels, as it used to be in RSA. We have our meal in a licensed Hotel. Naturally air-conditioned.

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