Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mandalay is different

Sunday, 20.10.2013, 08h45, local time, SA/D 20131020, 04h15

It took 8 Minutes from start of engines to take off, very fast, very efficient. We got to the airport at 07h30, filed all the papers, paid our handling and Airport charges, went to the aircraft and what do we see? A Custom sticker stuck over our Bali Sticker to seal the door, this time a sticker 10x20 cm big. Customs came to remove it themselves. No problem. A very friendly "Good Bye" followed. "Please come back"... and than we could go. Now we have a 2 Hour flight to Mandalay.

The flight from Singapore to Yangoon on Friday was the longest we had since beginning our 'Flight around the World', 6.3 hours. The second longest flight took place on the first day of our trip over the Atlantic Ocean and lastet 6.2 hours. We will not have a similar long flight again, at least not on this round. So far we performed 37 Flights with a total flight time of 146 hours.

Today's flight went fast, it is nearly time to land. Full cloud cover below us, no wind, thats propably the reason why the flight seemed so short. We had good speed.

We arrived in Mandalay Sunday afternoon and what a difference between Yangon and Madalay. Here it is much cleaner and therefore the town makes a much lighter impression. Mandalay is the town of Pagodas and we did have some time in the afternoon to look at a few. Very nice indeed.  I had an opportunity to look and view a Monastery as well as the surroundings of our hotel, herewith some pictures.

We have just arrived and re-unite with the other crews again

In front of our hotel

We also went to view the largest Pagoda, situated on top of Mandalay Hill.

View from a distance
Now looking down onto Mandalay


Lots of visitors - due to full moon night

At night we had booked in the 'Garden Restaurant' in our Hotel for a Mongolian Barbeque and a Show. The food was delicious and the interesting mixture of a  puppet show and dancing was exquisite. 

The garden restaurant at night

Puppet show - Myanmar style

Dance Performance

Still in the hotel gardens

Info country: it is not possible for foreigners or country nationals to enter Myanmar by road or by sea. There simply are no border crossings or harbours. One can only travel to or from the country by air.

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  1. Hi dear Vero and Dietmar, we've been following your journey, your ups and downs - it is absolutely amazing how you keep your cool and manage to enjoy despite the demanding schedule. We've never managed to send a message - up to now. Hopefully this will arrive... One more proof that we are definitely no techno-freaks. Anyway: Keep it up and keep enjoying - we are looking forward to meeting you again and listening to what you will have to tell. It is so amazing to read your fascinating blog and somehow taking part of your journey. Thank you. Warm greetings, Hannes and Anita


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