Wednesday, October 9, 2013

REAL Paradise

07.Oct to 10.Oct 2013, Silky Oaks Lodge, World Heritage Rainforest

08..Oct 2013, 13h09 local time, SA/D 20131008, 05h10

This morning, after breakfast, I left for a short but strenous hike, it went one way only...up up up. I can hardly believe it myself...I am walking in one of the oldest Rainforests in the world, all by myself listining to birds and the sounds of this wonderful forest. The short hike leads to a lookout point and is very well marked and apart from hiking up, it is a relaxed walk for me.

Rainforest definition: more than 80% canopy coverage is required for a forest to be classified as a rainforest.

Typical rainforest

Instructive Signage

Birds are calling, sounds are around me, falling leafs, the forest is alive, once or twice I thought I hear steps. But there is no-one, no-one except gekkos and birds moving about. Iam alone but not lonely. 
I am engrossed and in awe. Me, my soul is jubilantly, and it feels great to experience this creation.
The colored marking on the trees makes me smile; sometimes green, sometimes red or lilac, very well ;) I will not lose my way.

Walkways are marked with coloured bands

Soon I am on top of the mountain and I make my way back. The river is good for swimming, cool and refreshing and the boulders are good for resting. While I sit and watch the water, searching the trees for colorful birds, which by the way, I never saw on the hike, I detect movement on my left hand side. A snake, long, it does not end. Circling around a boulder nearby, one end in the water, around around it slithers. About 5cm in diameter. Because I could see three bodylines around the boulder I reckon it was 2.5m long, at least. Only then I got scared, I get up slowly, backed up and reached into my Backpack for binoculars and camera. Needless to say the snake was gone by then.

While swimming, I was surprised by a large snake in the water next to me

After that no more swim in the river. We spend a relaxing day by the pool.

unusual and well integrated natural swimming pool

well equipped bar in wonderful setting

restaurant at tree-top height with view down to river

typical guest chalet - well equipped

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