Monday, October 7, 2013

The most relaxing days....

Cairns, 04.10.2013, 10h30 local time

Arnim greets us on the Coral Princess II

We board the Coral Princess II.  3 Days we will spend on the cruiser mainly to view the Great Barrier Reef. First we were a bit disappointed, the cruiser had seen its best time. We settled in and our water adventure began and never stopped for the whole four days and three nights ... it was just unbelievable. Waters are clear, clean and just unbelievable blue in all tones. Dietmar took precaution against motion sickness from day 1 and he managed just perfect. We loved the tour ... to tell you upfront.

3 Days on Coral Princess II, 04.10 - 07.10.2013

We started the day at 06h45 with a 10 Minute Information talk regarding the days activities to be followed by breakfast at 07h00. By 09h00 we either anchored near an Island for a walk or a swim on the beach or once we got closer to a reef we snorkelled in the Reefs. It was most fantastic!!! The fish, the corals and the life under water was just unbelievably beautiful.

The second day Dietmar and myself tried real diving, we first had to undergo a theory session and from there we went onto the beach and had to perform different exercises in very shallow water. We did all that but in the end decided it was not for us at this point. Myself I kept snorkelling inside the reefs along all the channels and it was fantastic!!! I saw parrot fish, a small shark, all kinds of other fish and lots of life and of course 100's if not thousands of different kinds of corals. In the end I bought a throw-away underwater camera and I can not wait to see the photos, but that will  probably have to wait until we get home.

Island excursion for swimming, walking and snorkelling

Coral Princess II

Excursion on glass-bottom boat

Vero goes snorkelling

Very effective platform on the boat, reef channels visible in the background

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  1. Hallo Ihr Beiden!
    Pilots say: you refuel when it is available, not when you feel like it.
    Co-Pilot (Vero) say: You relax when you can, not when you feel like it!
    Viel Spass "down under"


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