Sunday, October 13, 2013

Leaving Australia and into Bali

Sunday, 13.10.2013, Broome, Australia,  09h46, local time
Sa/D 20131013, 03h47 
Outside Temperature 34 degrees

We are not able to climb, the temperature is too high, the aircraft too heavy, 6 tanks full fuel, 800 litres, we start wondering what will happen in a few days leaving Bali when we have to depart under similar conditions, just one other problem: in Bali we are surrounded by mountains and we HAVE to climb to avoid mountains. Right now we are over water and we can take our time climbing. We have a 5 hour flight ahead of us.

This morning we cleared customs and immigrations fast... after they arrived 45 min late. This delay, of course, caused a build up of company aircraft (our group) and unnessesary delay. Those waiting for their departure clearance are getting very frustrated. We symphasise  and we understand, having been there many times.

One hour 18 min to go to Bali, Indonesia. From the airport 90 min drive to our hotel in the Highlands. But first immigration and custums.

33 min to go to Bali, all we see below us is water.

First view of Indonesia

Refuelling in Bali

Cilliers Jordaan from Execujet Cape Town is here at Execujet Bali until December, he knows our plane ZS-JOP in CT, we think the world is big? No way....

Execujet Bali


  1. Es ist toll, sehr spannend zu sehen was Ihr erlebt. Es sind sehr viele bewegende Fotos und Geschichten. Danke das wir das mit Euch erleben können. Ja die Welt ist groß und doch wiederum sehr klein. Passt weiter gut auf Euch auf. Wir freuen uns sehr auf weitere spannende Geschichten und die sehr schönen Fotos. Liebe Grüße aus Lauenstein, Ellen und Andreas

  2. Hi there - hope you had a good flight to Bali.....xxxx

  3. 17.10.2013
    Hallo Vero!
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Wir wünschen Dir gutes Wetter, Rückenwind, reibungslose Abfertigungen, planmässige Ankuften & Abflüge, Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden für Dich und Deinen Piloten!
    Hermann & Familie


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