Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monkey Business on a Scooter

Tuesday, 15.10.2013

After an early breakfast we once more took the scooter to drive to "Monkey Forest", 
We did not know what to expect  regarding the forest, it was fantastic. Huge trees, lots and lots of monkeys, a temple, lots of statues of monkeys and otherwise. We had a wonderful walk and lots of fun watching people and monkeys.

Feeding on sweet potatoes

A wash

Monkeys of a different kind

Temple within Monkey Forrest
As we had left the park we discovered a very narrow Road wirh a very special atmosphere and feel about it. The road was very orderly, there was not a lot of traffic, one house next to each other, lined with smaller guest houses, cafe shops, small art galleries, and as usual many spas and beauty salons. And a Meditation Centre. Something made us stop and enter. as we stepped thru the wide doors an enchanting garden with individual small cottages / houses and covered platforms / pergolas expected us. In one of the houses they meditated in another one a Yoga class took place. One day we would like to come back to exactly this place and we would like to stay in exactly that Road.

Our favourite street in Ubud

Meditation Centre

Walking around in Meditation Centre

Yoga Hall
We also had a massage booked, and it was time to leave. After a short visit to Ubud Market we made our way back to the hotel and went for our different treatments. Later that afternoon we prepared for the next day and our departure. Our airport transfer was booked for 06h30, breakfast for 05h30, wake up call at 04h30. Tomorrow we have a long way to go to Singapore, and we are planning to fly direct. No pit stop, no re-fuelling. 6+ hours.

We do have enough fuel but still, it is difficult. Again, a lot depends on the wind.

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