Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kingdom of Bhutan. Bicycle Ride. Surprise and a Dance for All

The Motorcycle was here first, including Prayer Flags. Dietmar is smiling.

We left on "our" bus to drive into the National Park about 60 Minutes away. Already on the way going there I had my doubts  if what we were about to do was a clever thing after all. The road being in a bad confition with lots of potholes, construction work going on, big and small and plenty rockfalls, sand heaps, dips and car/van/trucks cutting corners and overtaking into oncoming traffic. Already yesterday we noticed how the traffic works. For my part, I had to close my eyes because I was not able to look at what was going on, on those roads. But I could also see it working, they sort of glide along each other, mostly with no haste and hooting to warn the other participant. Still, cycling down scared me a bit, and it was not only down, there were a few ups too! 

Arriving at the top we admired the wonderful view over the Himalayian mountain range, the partly snow covered peaks and the endless views. We also viewed 108 Stupas and a Monastery.

After receiving a bike and a helmet, getting the bikes adjusted to size we set off. But not without putting on a fleece and a scarf, it was quite cold.

Cycling down was not as bad as expected, also the traffic seemed to have a break and we all arrived at the Hotel safely. We had two or three uphills, but nothing too hectic. 

On this last day we had another three special activities waiting for us. At 17h00 we had an Archery demonstration booked, and it is customery for  the Hotel to supply tradinional clothes to their guests on their last evening. Dressed that way we would attend the Dancing at 19h00 and the last activity for that day was a supper booked at a very typical restaurant with some of our group members.

At 16h00 a knock on the door. A lady delivering clothes for dressing up. A wonderful colourful set of Shirts, Skirts, jackets for ladies and men. I had no idea how to dress myself, I tried to put the clothes on as best I could but did not manage that well. Best to ask at reception and off I went. While I was walking across the entrance hall a lady stopped me and asked: Please, could she help me dressing correctly? Would I mind if she joins me in my room and we start all over? I did not mind at all, but did mention that my husband would be there too and I was on the way of fetching a male to help my husband... on that she answered, she could do that too, if my husband does not mind. Off we went back to the room and this lady dressed Dietmar first and than myself. When questioned if people can actually manage to dress themselves she told us, it's one of the duties of a wife to help dress her husband, she herself helps her husband to dress. Unmarried men dress themselves - and it shows. The lady turned out to be an assistant to the Royal Couple who had the party the night before. She is also a Local Bhutanese ????? and a Journalist for the royal house. We were very surprised. She took a photo of us, wished us well and we bid her Good Bye.

We had lots of fun taking photos and laughing at each other... all dressed up. We attended the archery demonstration and had lots of fun, too.

At last the Dancing Show and the last dance was for us....

At 19h00 we joined our guide for supper and homebrewed wheat schnapps, very similar to the Korn schnapps we have in Germany.

Good Bye  Royal Bhutan, we adore you!!!!!

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