Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Arrival on TABLAS ...we are finished...

We could not land due to zero visibility. We ended up on the approach seeing absolutely nothing. We broke the approach off towards the see and returned to visual conditions. We kept circling above the Bay where we knew we would be safe. Suddenly it cleared up, we could see the runway and far beyond. We landed a bit rough either because of the field condition or due to poor concentration, Dietmar had a tough day. He was bathed in sweat and not very happy. A few things happened in the cockpit before landing. The aircraft appears to have a water leak somewhere - as we were on final approach it seemed a bucket of water came down on him. IPad2, Papers, Dietmar all wet. Outside it was pouring down. We unpacked, sorted, and left the airfield, 3 crews of 3 aircraft, 8 people, luggage, in a bus.

We drove like maniacs on roads very narrow, on the way motorcycles, naturally no head or taillamps, in the pitch dark. Pedestrians were hooted away. We arrived at a bar with no idea where we are...right now we do not care.

This pic was taken 2 h later...we do not know where...but we feel better


  1. O-la-la Frau Kapitän! Schick siehste aus!

  2. Korrektur:Ich meinte Schick seht Ihr Beiden aus!


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