Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Relaxing Day in Huli Country

Wednesday, 25th September.

In the morning a bird-watching walk took place at 06h30 to try and find 'Paradise Birds'. We had no luck.

Lots of trucks. The reason for not seeing Paradise Birds?

Early morning scenery

... and some more beautiful scenery

After breakfast we were taken to three different Huli warrior sites and we learned about their culture and  how they fit the old into the new, all interesting and very showy pictures were taken.

Separate post to come ...

We spent the remainder of the afternoon with flight-planning and prepared ourselves for an early start in the morning.

A variety of pictures from the area:

Market Activity

Graves of people who have died in road accidents

This happens too ...

Traders along the roadside

View down the runway at Ambua Lodge. None of the crews (us included) was willing to land here, given a runway length of around 700 meters, a fairly steep slope and terrain elevation of well over 6,000 feet

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