Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Day After....

Last night after that horrible and scary flight we had a very late supper and plenty of wine. We did thank God for our life and then we fell into a very deep sleep.
Today we were determined to have a quiet and relaxed day. In the morning we re-fueled the plane, re-arranged some luggage, packed some emergency flares into the front and Dietmar worked on some flight-plans. We also discussed the flight for tomorrow and we went thru some emergency measures and procedures, like 'what do we do if..'

Yesterday I thought I would not be able to continue with the trip, the experience  shook me quite a bit.
Today in the afternoon I felt I had to ground myself and decided to go for a hike. I ended up walking for nearly 2,5 hours, in a forest up and down a hill and even searched for a Geo Cache! I feel better now.

Herewith some pictures of Reykjavik and the forest I was walking in.

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