Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Japan

We ended the day by having peasant food called Rame, a noodle dish in stock of different variations at a small restaurant recommended to us by a handling agent staff member. The meal was outstanding,

.....and what I also like in all the restaurants, you get iced water as soon as one sits down.

Our local handling agent, Paul, is  a very interesting person, speaking japanese, english, spanish, french and another language I forgot. If he is not handling aircraft he, in general, is living in the mountains, with his japanese wife who is a Home Economic Teacher. Paul is also an interpreter. This is what we enjoy while traveling, we like to talk to people about their everyday life, yes, we also like to learn about their culture and a museum or an exibition is also fine. But talking to the people and/or observing the locals is the best.

Nagoya Town is quite different from Tokyo, I would say it is more, yes, westernized. People do not seem so shy here as they are in the Capital. Other People who know both cities in depth might totally disagree with us and question our judgement. Our first impression is that in Nagoya a lot of people also speak english, they love their cars and display them, in Tokyo you work, in Nagoya you live and have fun. Cafes with outside seating area, like in Tokyo the very fancy shops, very open and friendly people, within 5 min we were asked if we needed help?!

To end and crown a very interesting day we had a fantastic sighting of a different animal altogether:

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