Monday, September 30, 2013

FIJI: Bula and lots of Sugar Cane Train Lines

BULA means: Hallo, and we wish you Life and Wellness!
And everyone says it, people are very friendly and always smiling.

And Sugar Cane Train Lines are throughout the country side and are being used by everyone who has to transport something. Carts with wheels to fit into the tracks are used EVERYWHERE! I am surprised having not seen Babies pushed along those tracks. Beside having carts on the lines, they are used for horses to trot along them, people, school-kids use them to go to school, and holiday makers and tourists use them to walk to the village for a photo session or whatever.

pic horses and train lines

We are now in FIJI, we hardly believe we have made it so far. Nearly Halfway in time, more than halfway in distance. The last days before FIJI were heavy for us, getting up at 04h00 but latest at 04h30 in the morning, no breakfast, arriving at our destination late, sometimes after sunset, then we have a few Beers, lots of water, some wine, a meal, then preparation for the next day, then sleep.

We have not had Internet facilities for many days now...that is also making things difficult. Researching this or that, sometimes Hotel bookings, mostly on those days we cannot keep up with the group and have to rearrange bookings, etc

The Blog has also not been published for several days now. I write the Blog as we go along, as experiences happen, I write them down. In-flight is good as I sit and do nothing most of the time anyway. But if we have no Internet they can not be published. Jan, the editor of Pilot & Flugzeug sometimes uses a Satellite connection to publish a few sentences for the magazine. Today lots of publications for our blog will be brought up to date.

We are here until tomorrow morning. Again we will have three difficult days in front of us, separating from the group. But we are not the only ones, the Mooney is already in Australia, we will meet up in Cairns and one of the PC12 is also in AUS. The crew, 4 people, had to solve some personal issues and split up to go separate ways for a week or so and they will re-connect to see how things work out.

One of the other crews also mentioned "personal issues between the crew members, the more people the more issues" and said to us: you think us in the bigger planes have no problems? We have different problems and issues ... some of us even wanted to quit and go back home, only after meeting around a table and having talks we could resolve some differences". I guess, yes, we all have different issues.

Right now, Dietmar and me, we have NO issue, we sit here, have a glass of ice-cold wine, Dietmar is doing flight-planning in a fantastic hotel-room ...

... with the most fantastic view. 

We need no more right now. We went for a swim in the ocean right across the Lagoon to NAVO Island.

Info follows

We are in FIJI!!! Yepeeeh!

view from our balcony


  1. Hallo Ihr Beiden!
    Schön wieder direkt von Euch zu hören.Die Pilot&Flugzeug Seite hat uns zwischenzeitlich gut informiert. Auch die Verfolgung auf Googel-Earth ist mehr als interessant.Viel Spass auf dem nächsten Teilstück, wo Sonne ist, da ist eben auch Schatten.
    Gruss, Hermann

  2. Hallo Vero, hallo Dietmar,

    wißt Ihr, was mich nach diesem Eintrag einmal mehr beeindruckt: Dass ihr mit Bescheidenheit und Dankbarkeit für das täglich Erlebte immer weiter kommt und zusammenhaltet. Auf dieser anstrengenden Reise wie im Leben.

    Weiterhin alles Gute!


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