Monday, September 23, 2013

On the way to Papua New Guinea

Monday, 23rd September, 07h44 local time, SA/D 20130923, 00h45

We just departed from Banda Neira to fly to Biak, Indonesia. We left the hotel early to be at the airfield  at 06h30, eventually we left at just after 7:00.

Island called Teluk Berau??

90 min later we fly above a huge Island and all we see is forest, like a jungle. No life, nothing. Even along the coast no harbour, nothing, totally uninhabited. Now we see a huge river below us. Again no sign of human life. Only jungle on both sides, no boats, ships, canoes.

We are imagining what kind of animals might live down there like snakes spiders monkeys and not to speak of all the big animals. No life, harbour, nothing on the other side of the island, either.

We are on our way to Vanimo, Papua New Guinea.

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