Thursday, September 26, 2013

Leaving PNG, Arriving Solomon Islands

Thursday, 26.09.2013, 07h20 local time, SA/D 20130925, 23h20, middle of night

We departed and we are orbiting in front of mountains to be able to gain height and then hop over them in a few minutes. In the meantime forest and jungle below us. High mountains 'Drakensberg' Height. Layers of Clouds in between. Wonderful sight.

We are on our way to Rabaul, approx 4hours, to clear customs and immigration with special  application and permission. We are leaving  Papua New Guinea. The sooner the better. We dread to think of any technical dfifficulties in this area. 

We hope our estimated turn-around time does not exceed 2 hours. If it does we will not manage our second leg for today as we do not want to land in the dark at our destination, Honaria, Salomon Islands.

The next two days will be difficult, extended flying hours and we will be time pressed as we loose one hour on our second leg today and tomorrow another hour.

We are now flying above mountains 5,000 meter high! And I even see houses and a settlement.

We have reached the coastline and the 'Bismarck Sea' and the 'Solomon Sea'.

Our turn around in Raboul was relatively quick and uneventful. We are overflying the most beautiful islands, some small and no sign of them being inhabited. Some are large with harbours, airfields, resorts. All surrounded by blue and turquoise water.

We are now on the second leg to Honaria, Solomon Islands, estimate to arrivive at 17h10 local time. Immigration and fuel needs to be done immediately after arrival. Then dinner and rest.  I am looking forward to that.

Tomorrow a similar day. Then 3 nights Fiji Islands.

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