Thursday, September 5, 2013

How lucky can one be ???

We are on our way

How is that possible: to land in the middle of no-where and find just THE workshop, a helicopter workshop, who is able to work on exactly the Allison engine we have installed on our aircraft?

And at the same time have just THE part we need, the Starter/Generator, of which there are many kinds?

They told us later they had this part on the shelf for a certain lenght of time and were wondering if they would find a use for it ...

This technical problem could not have happenend at a better and more convenient place.

We are on our way to 'Anchorage' now. The engine started beautifully.

CAN 17h10 Wednesday, SA/D 02h12 Thursday, 
Safe Arrival in Anchorage, USA 20h00 Wednesday, 

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