Friday, September 20, 2013

NasiGoreng, steamed Bananas and a Jug of Beer

This pic taken of Manato at departure.

Last night when we arrived at Manado we thought the "self appointed" handling agents had a plan to cheat on us and suck us dry. In the end they did not. All of us got suspicious just because of the way they conducted business and the way they carried on, taking over despite the fact they were not appointed by anyone...

All was good and fair and reasonable.

It was very interesting to note the difference between the people of the nations Philippines and Indonesia. We experienced the Phillippines as very gentle, caring and courteous, very professional in whatever service they gave us and with an exceptional good understanding of the English language.
At this very short and brief level of contact with the Indonesian people we find them to quickly take an oppertunity of doing business, not nessessarily to the benefit of their clients. In a few days we will know more, we certainly are looking forward to the typical food offered.

Last night we already had a typical indonesian meal and the beer to go with that.

Pic of jug

This morning we tried something new, banana mixed with coconut cream, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.

Pic to follow

On route to Ternate

Most of the way we are going over water,  weather is good, with few scattered clouds. Outside temp @ flight level 140 is 10DegreeC.  No showers for Dietmar this morning, at least not in the aircraft ;-) The interior is drying out and no more pockets of water felt in the ceiling of the aircraft.

We have a short flight this morning, it was a luxery to only leave the hotel @09h00.

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