Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ternate in Indonesia - we will not hurry back

Saturday, 21.09.2013, 09h15 local time, SA/D 20130921, 02:15, middle in the night

We are first one out, all worked smoothly with departure. As we left, one of the other planes was held back, for non-payment!! He had paid for his fuel; their way of procedure did not capture payment. What a pain.
The only nice thing to mention about Ternate is the magic landscape, the accommodating way the different participants work around the horrific traffic and what else? I cannot think of anything else. 
People are lazy and keep each other off work with the greatest of pleasure and motivation. That is the only motivation we saw.

On our way out

Ahead of us is a flight of about 2.5hours. We are due to land on an uncontrolled airfield in BandaNeira and we will spend 2 nights there. Maintanance day ahead. ;-)

Once we arrive we must not expect a taxi, we will walk to the hotel. But you never know we might find a scooter or a horse cart or whatever to take us. We wait and see.

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  1. Hallo Ihr Beiden,
    habe Euch auf Google Earth auf die Insel verfolgt.Ich fand dort ein Denkmal für die Gewürznelke.Immerhin etwas!
    Weiterhin guten Flug,
    Gruss, Hermann


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