Sunday, September 22, 2013

On Scooters, A Swim with Tropical Fish and a Choir for Dietmar

20130922, Hotel Maulana, BandaNeira

We had a wonderful relaxing day, Sunday. In the morning we had 3 hired Scooters parked in front of the hotel, we spent the morning exploring the island, a guide showed us around, and after an early lunch we took off ourselves driving around taking photos and more exploring.

Uncomplicated Scooter Rental

The Island is very nice, the people very friendly and open.

On the market

We enjoyed riding up and down the airport runway

Vero and her fans

5 on a scooter? No Problem!

When Dietmar waited somewhere for me, he was approached by a group of 7 school girls of about 13 Years old. They chatted to him, introduced themselves to him, asking him all kind of questions, wanted to know where he lives and how his every-day live looks like...if he could sing, 'no unfortunately I cannot sing'. So they sang to him instead. First a local song, then Baba Black Sheep :-)

The girls were keen to practice their english

Late afternoon I joined a boat tour which took some of us out to a snorkelling cliff. It was the most fantastic swim I ever had, wearing snorkeling equippment I just drifted and floated along, looking at all the beautiful fish and life under water. From blue starfish to any tropical fish you can think of, we saw down there. I felt like being part of a huge Tropical Fish Aquarium.

Our aircraft proved to be a real attraction to the local community and we observed a huge gathering of people on the runway and along the fence where our aircraft were parked, just before sunset. Lots of activity!

The runway just before sunset

9 aircraft at once and some had never seen an aircraft before!

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