Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sapporo, Japan

Our handling agent Peter Steeger, german japan english speaking, since 20 years in Japan, worked for Bosch for 20 Years, is now instructor, is handling us at all three Japan airports we are arriving at.
Here in Sapporo he has now taken over some of the stuff we do not need anymore to send to Germany for us.

The Immersion suits are gone now, tent and sleeping bags, the very warm fleeces also. There is a little bit more space now, not noticeable to Dietmar.

The drive into town took 01h10, now we arrived at the 'Merkur Hotel' and we did have a shower and then Beer for an early supper, not Sushi though. We stayed in the hotel for our meal because we could not keep our eyes open, everything was pleasant enough. We slept early, woke up early, sorted some mails and our blog, and went for breakfast rather late, a mixture of japanese and western food. We got Yen out of a so called international ATM which excepts Visa,  hoping the machine would not swallow our card. Then to an Apple Store, we also walked thru town, I liked it. Easy to find one's way, we learned how the road numbering worked and we were watching people.

Back to the Hotel we heard our Hotel in Tokyo has space for us one day earlier, it suits us fine. Therefore we packed, prepared for next day's (Wednesday) flight.

Wednesday, 11th Sept, 05h00, local time.

We will be fetched by 06h30, again 1 hour drive, now our flight to Nagoya Airport. The flight very uneventful, over large forest areas, large towns, mountains and huge rivers.

Clear sights, outside Temp zero Degree C.

From Nagoya we will take the Shinkansen 'Bullet Train' to Tokyo Centre, we are staying in a verrry nice place, right next to the Imperial Park, But first the train ride!!!!

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